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Testing Blogging App

March 16, 2012 by CherryBlossomMJ

So tonight my life may have altered drastically as I have discovered a WordPress app for blogging using my Nook Color or Kindle Fire. Oh to not have to be latched to my desktop! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love my iMac, but I do not have the time to afford sitting at the desk so much. We shall see…

Today there was not much schooling per say. We watched Angelina Ballerina: Ballerina Princess and I wrote my review and posted the giveaway. I also put together a Pinterest Board for “ballet” and that took quite a while. It has all sorts of activities including coloring pages, book suggests, other DVDs and more. I hope there are some that will find it useful.

I love her and want her to stay little for a long while yet to come, but at the same time I am so looking forwardto being ahlt to do more school like activites.

Asfor now… i can hardly keep my eyes open. Goodnight.

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